Salad of the Day: 365 Recipes Book

Brunch author James Beard delivers a compilation of delectable salad dishes for every season, event, and mood. They’re a tasty and healthful way to highlight your favorite seasonal food.

mixed exotic salad served with sauce in summer cafe
365 salad recipres

Williams-Sonoma Salad of the Day, organized by month and offering one recipe for each day of the year, contains 365 salad recipes for any season, event, or mood, you will find there’s something for everyone for everyday.

The abundance of simple and delicious choices, as well as beautiful full-color photography, will provide daily inspiration and satisfy any salad-craving lover’s throughout the year, whether it’s a quinoa or farro salad perfect for bringing to a potluck or picnic, or a pasta salad to accompany food fresh off the summer grill.

Each dish contains suggestions for related dressings or recipes, as well as serving and substitute suggestions. No matter what the day brings, you’ll be sure to find an appetizing salad that fits the occasion with this plethora of recipes as your guide and the garden’s harvest as your inspiration.

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